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BIG has evolved over the years, from a passive to a dynamic and diversified Investment Holdings House. The Group has strategically relevant and focused investments in the Property, and Financial Services Industries through its affiliated companies; BPH and BFS. The Group also has a regime of direct investment in the following companies:

➢ Vodacom
➢ Black Star Communications
➢ Independent News and Media


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    Basebenzi Investment Group is a 100% black-owned and managed Investment Holding House

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    Every investment is undertaken with the aim of bringing about transformation within our partner businesses and ultimately providing depth in management.

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    Our track record clearly shows a history of responsible and calculated investing coupled with exceptional value-add for both our partner businesses and our beneficiaries.



a. IT Industry
b. Mobile Technology Industry
c. Video Production and Broadcasting Industry
d. Broadcast support services


Continuously Building a Sustainable Income-Generating Vehicle
Utilizing BIG, as a worker’s investment company, to become a sustainable vehicle utilised to increase equity ownership in various opportunities in order to alter ownership patterns in the economy for the benefit of FAWU members and the broader working class, by subscribing for share-holding in enterprises, listed or unlisted, and by investing in start-ups that are socially responsible.Vision


Using Proceeds to Deliver Return on Equity to the Shareholder for Beneficiary Empowerment
Using proceeds from investment returns, and with commitment and passion, to continuously disperse proceeds of as much as possible to the shareholder with a view to empowering the beneficiary for good use of the beneficiary payout in the interest of FAWU members and/or families as well as the people broadly.BEE


Beneficiaries of FAWIT
The beneficiary of FAWIT is FAWU and indirect beneficiaries are FAWU’s members or a number that will arise out of recruitment.The shareholder of BIG, FAWIT, after receiving dividends, will cost-effectively disburse proceeds to FAWU to use for its own programs and benefit.The beneficiary, FAWU, hopes to use proceeds to create bursary fund, co-operative funding facility, training and education schemes among other benefits regime as part of getting members and their families to derive benefits. the key